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3 year Implementation of Melodic minor scales for District Band Auditions Effective 2018 All-District High School Auditions

Purpose: To better prepare our students as competent musicians and performers, as well as better prepare them for the rigors of the All-State audition.

A three-year timeline to add melodic scales to the already existing All-District audition music.

  • Year One-(Fall of 2018) Add 3 scales: a melodic minor, d melodic minor and g melodic minor that are memorized, but only one is selected by the judge to perform.
  • Year Two-(Fall of 2019) Add 3 more scales: e melodic minor, b melodic minor and c melodic minor that are memorized but only one is selected from the 6 available melodic minor scales.
  • Year Three-(Fall of 2020) Add the last 3 melodic minor scales: f melodic minor, F# melodic minor and C# melodic minor that are to be memorized, but only one is selected by the judge to perform from the 9 available.

Phasing in the melodic minor scales over a three-year timeline allows our students to adapt to a more rigorous audition process without having to learn nine scales all at once. Only requiring an extra three scales per year is a minimal addition to the student’s workload.

Joe Schreimann, High School Band VP

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