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Fellow Music Educators,
I hope everyone had a restful and reinvigorating summer! I am enclosing all of the information for the Northwest All-District Choir Auditions and some info for the All-State Auditions. Some of details are just reminders for those returning and much needed information for those that are new to the district.


If you are new to our district, Welcome! We are really glad to have you here!! Please take the time right now to register yourself as a director in our district at no later than September 1st. If you are a veteran director, please take the time to update your info on the website (non-working emails/profiles were removed at the end of last school year) and then reach out to the new directors near you. We were all the "new director" at one time and a friendly gesture can make all the difference. If you know of someone who has left our district and notice they are still in the online directory, please let me know so we can have their information removed and keep the list current.

Auditions for the 2017 NW All-District Choir will be held on Saturday, September 16th on the campus of Missouri Western State University. Each school may enter as many as 8 students per voice part (8 Sopranos, 8 Altos, 8 Tenors, & 8 Basses = maximum total of 32 students). This is a MSHSAA Sanctioned Event - means your school must be a MSHSAA member school and your singers must be eligible for this audition just like they are for the District & State Music Festivals. See the MSHSAA Music Manuel for details concerning eligibility (

Registration will open on Thursday, August 31st at 8am. The last day to register a student is Thursday, September 7th. Registration will close at 5pm. You may register students beginning Aug. 31st on the NWMMEA website Begin by logging in. Select 'High School Choir' on the left side of the screen. Then click 'register students' on the right side of that screen. Email me a duplicate of your registration after you have entered it just as a precaution/verification. Please be timely in your registration. Any late registrations will double the registration fee per student. Students will be scheduled based on the date they are registered - first registered, first scheduled. If you have students that need a certain time, I suggest you enter your students as early as possible, indicate your special request in the box provided, and also email me those requests after you have submitted your registration just to be sure. The schedule will be put together on Saturday, September 8th - keep your cell phone handy in case there are questions!

Audition fees are $12 per student and must be paid prior to the student audition. All registered auditions from a school must be paid for before any student from that school will be allowed to audition. ***Checks should be made out to NWMCDA*** and should be brought to the registration table the day of auditions. POs will NOT be accepted. If your school requires an 'official' invoice, please let me know. My school allows me to print my registration list from the website once I have entered it, make a copy of this letter, highlight the fee, and attach them to my PO request. We are aware that there are schools who require an official invoice and we will do our best to assist you.

Please take the time to read the included information - attachments if you are reading this via email, or the following pages if you received it via the US Postal Service - it contains all the details for September 16th and the requirements for auditions. Don't assume you know it all. We all want to provide the best opportunity for our students to succeed and the first step for success is an informed director. 99% of questions I typically receive can be answered by carefully reading this letter and the attachments. You can also find them posted on the website if you lose this one!

Important comments...

  1. We have our annual music directors' district meeting the day of the All-District Clinic/Concert at 1:30pm (October 28th). This meeting isn't just for high school choral directors who have students singing in the choir! It is also open to any & all elementary, middle school, or high school vocal music teachers in our district. INVITE your colleagues to join us at this meeting. There are opportunities thru MCDA for students in grades 4-8 and high school that we ALL need to know about.
  2. Arrangements have been made to have JW Pepper on site in Platte City on October 28th. You will be able to spend some quality time perusing & selecting literature while your students are rehearsing. (Even if you don't have anyone in the choir, you can still come look at music before/after the directors' meeting!!!)
  3. If you are a new teacher, there is a great opportunity for mentoring thru the Missouri Music Educators Association. The 3rd Annual Mentoring Clinic & Workshop will be held October 1st & 2nd (Sunday/Monday) at TanTarA for 1st year music teachers. Check the website for more information. Share this info with any 1st year music teachers you may know!

If you have any further questions about the auditions or procedures prior to the date of audition, email me at or call me at 816.279.1629 (extension 122). The school phone system doesn’t have a working voice mail system right now, so you’ll have to leave a message with our friendly secretary the old fashioned way. My personal cell phone is 816.390.6345 (with working voice mail). I try to reply quickly once I find the answer. If you have any questions or issues on the date of the audition, please bring them to the wonderful people that will be helping at registration desk. If they can't answer them, they will help you find me. (If you would like to be one of those wonderful people, I could use a few more to help out! Just drop me an email.)

I look forward to seeing you all on September 16th!

Best wishes,
Christie Ottinger
Director of Vocal Music, Bishop LeBlond High School
Director of Theatre, Bishop LeBlond High School
NW MCDA All-District Choir Coordinator
NWMMEA High School Choral Vice-President


Christie Ottinger, High School Choral VP

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