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August 15, 2017
Greetings!  I hope that everyone has enjoyed a relaxing and productive summer.  It is again time to begin preparing for the Junior High All-District Band Auditions.  Thank you to Central High School and Platte County High School for allowing us to use their facilities for last year’s auditions and performance.  Also, thanks to each of you who served as judges for the auditions.  It is truly a team effort that leads to the success we experience each year in the Junior High All-District Honor Band.
            The 2017 Junior High All-District Band will take place in conjunction with the High School All-District Bands on December 9, 2017 at the Wilson Center for the Performing Arts on the campus of Platte County R-III in Platte City, MO.  Auditions for the Junior High and High School All-District Bands will take place on November 4, 2017 at Central High School in St. Joseph.  The audition fee will be $11.  Auditions begin at 9:00 AM.  We will be contacting some of you to serve as judges for these auditions.  If you are new to the district and would like to judge, or know of someone who would be interested in judging, please feel free to contact me.  This year’s clinician is Dr. Langston Hemenway.  Dr. Hemenway is the Symphonic Band and Jazz Band Director at William Jewell College.  I have no doubt that he will do an outstanding job with our kids!
            The band will be comprised of outstanding seventh and eighth grade students from within the district.  We strongly urge directors to encourage eighth grade students to audition for this band, but have left it open to those truly outstanding seventh graders in your program.  It is important that you screen those students who wish to audition making sure that they are well-prepared and will represent their school in an exemplary fashion.  Please remember that percussion students must audition on each instrument to qualify for the band.  It is our intention that participation in this band will reward outstanding mid-level musicians, create a positive learning experience, and help promote participation in the High School District Bands in later years.
            This year the audition material will be selected from SET 2, of the Junior High All-District Band Audition Material.  You will find the required audition material on the district website at  This list coincides with the High School format to hopefully make it more user-friendly.  A reminder, percussion students will be asked to perform a 30-second buzz roll (p-f-p) and flam paradiddles as part of the snare drum portion of the audition and perform a single stroke roll on the timpani portion of the audition.  Percussionists will also need to bring their own snare drum, sticks and mallets for the audition.  Students are recommended to use the xylophone provided and must use the timpani provided. 
            Also, please remember that students MUST audition on the correct material.  A student who has not prepared the proper music will either be allowed to sight-read the correct material or be given a refund if the student chooses to not audition.  No exceptions.
            NEW THIS YEAR: At each audition room, there will be a sheet to sign up for audition order. Students will be asked to put their AUDITION NUMBER (not their name) on the sheet to set the order of auditions. This process is similar to the All-State Band auditions. This will allow students to walk away from the audition room when waiting for their turn to audition.
            Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or comments concerning the Junior High School All-District Band.  We will be following the same registration format as the High School Bands.  Please ensure that you have registered your information on the district website.  Please also remember that payment for auditions will be accepted as cash or check only.  No school purchase orders will be accepted.


Blake Duren
NWMMEA Vice-President of Junior High Bands
Instrumental Music, Cameron Middle and High School
Cell:  816-812-2720
Work:  816-882-1113

Blake Duren, Junior High Band VP

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